List and Explanation of League of Servers Roles

Grouped List

@Secretary General
@Vice Secretary General
@Associate Secretary General


@INADS Director-General
@LOSEAS Director-General
@INADS Deputy Director-General
@LOSEAS Deputy Director-General 

Security Council

@Security Council Chairman
@Security Council

World Assembly

@World Assembly President
@World Assembly VP
@Committee Chairman
@Lead Delegate
@Delegate (Representative Status)

League Court of Justice

@LCOJ President
@LCOJ Vice President
@LCOJ Judge
@LCOJ Registrar
@LCOJ Paralegal

League Press Service

@LPS Director
@LPS Supervisor
@LPS Affiliate
@LPS Employee

League Credits

@Credit Supervisor
@Credit Manager
@Profile Picture Designer


@Ban Appeal Panel
@League Security Officer
@Special Advisor