148 - Republic of India




Namaste!:pray~1: Hello! Interested to join an Indian political role-play server? You have the perfect opportunity! This server is about exact simulation of India with many role-play options.

📈 | Political Parties
Join an already existing party or invite your friends and make your own political party, contest elections, convince the voters, grow your party!! 

🏦 | Money and Power
There is a full working economy system, take up a role to get regular incomes, become rich and use the money in elections!

🗳️ | Elections
Real like multiparty elections are conducted every 2 weeks. We have an election commission and a unique election system, based on campaigning, money and real time voting!!

🏛️ | Parliament
Run for the post of a Member of Parliament, select your Prime Minister, make bills, debate in the parliament and lead the great nation towards development!! 🇮🇳 

•General discussions, quizzes and political debates.

•Voice your opinions about real life issues, make new friends!

•Cool bots and many games are around.

•Make suggestions from your side and build a better server with us.


What are you waiting for? Join our server!🤘