3 - Federal States of America

Federal States of America Come to the FSA, everyone! We've got: Democratic Elected Government

With a Congress with the Senate and House it offers great passage through with any bills or laws. With one month House and two month Senate terms. Or if you want to. Run for the Presidency! Become the Head of State and try to win the hearts and mind of the people! As long with many government position in the different departments. The choices are endless.

Elections and Political Parties

With the one month House terms and two month Senate and Presidency terms you can run under a political party, or as in Independent! We have a few registered parties, from the left-wing Socialist Party to the right-wing NatCon Party. If that doesn’t suit you. Run as an Independent or make your own party!

An RP military To Join!

With the Federal Armed Forces always looking for Cadets and with a organized command structure, it can serve you well. Start as a Cadet. Work hard and you could be a General!

A balanced economy!

With a balanced economy, you can work your way through many different positions to get a higher pay check. Or make your own business and earn money as an entrepreneur!

States To Join!

With four different states within the Federation you have even more possibilities! Get elected as a state judge, or the state legislative, or even the Governor! States are also a great way to kickstart your political career!

Fun For All!

You’ve seen what stuff we can offer, with many more inside the server. What are you waiting for! Join today!

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