67 - United Kingdom of Discord


Have you heard? Imperial Federation is back and looking for members to join The ranks of Commons and lords in Government. 

And If you aren't into politics you can be a normal citizen that supports the Federation.

We have the following in the Imperial Federation.

⚬ 🫖 | You can make a character with Tupper to experience the most out of the server 

⚬ 🏛️ | Full simulation of the British government.

⚬ ⚖️ | Full British judicial system.

⚬ 📰 | Create & run state and private news agencies and enterprises.

⚬ 🕵️ | Imperial intelligence services, foreign and domestic.

So Join THE IMPERIAL FEDERATION and become what ever you want here.


🔗 | https://discord.gg/yBGZaUBdNb