7 - Kingdom of the Netherlands 

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๑۩๑Welcome in the Kingdom Of The Netherlands๑۩๑ Hallo @everyone welcome to the server! We are a Mock Dutch government server set in the near future about the shittiest greatest part of Europe! Where everyone is down to have a chat about Dutch culture, history, politics, or just anything you might be interested in ┃Monarchy - Monarchie

We are a Constitutional Monarchy with a democratically elected government.

┃States-General - Staten-Generaal

The States General consists of the Eerste Kamer - Senate and the Tweede Kamer - House of Representative.

┃Form your own political party - Vorm je eigen politieke partij

Want to get into politics? Then create your own party and join in on the elections which are held every 2 months.

┃Multiple Military Based Roles - Meerdere militaire rollen

The Military is divided into 4 branches.

┃A strict anti-discrimination policy - Een strikt antidiscriminatiebeleid

We also have a Constitution and a Criminal code.

┃Medals and Honours - Medailles en onderscheidingen

We give out Medals and Orders to those who contribute.

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Server Invite: Redacted, requested by the Minister of Foreign Affairs