81 - The Empire of Furnovskyland's Commonwealth

『 Our fellow people!

Welcome to the Empire of Furnovskyland's Commonwealth, member of the League of Servers!

We are a growing community with active people. The server is still a bit under config, so little problems may exist.

We are looking for more people in various jobs to populate our country.

What can we offer for you:

-Different roles, e.g. separated Citizen and Diplomat roles.

-For members, a cool Minecraft Aternos server where you can "physically" live, often online!

-Unbelieva currency and modern shop system

-As the server's community grows, you can find really great people!

-You can vote to your favourite political party in democratic ways, you can participate in politics as well!

-Loads of holiday what you can enjoy!

-Lots of announcement types where you can inform about the most important things.

-Border security and police system (under config)!

-Train station (under config)!

And a lot more...

So if you're interested, come and enjoy! Furnovskyland waits for you! 』