89 - State of Agonland

State Of Agonland

Hello, and welcome to Agonland. A newly formed diplomatic country, on the border of France and Germany. We do weekly server-changing events like invasions or uprising or even terrosist attacks every week. We are a roleplay community, where you can:

[✅]- Roleplay as a citizen, make a business, buy a house and more!

[✅]- Join the military, and expand our borders!

[✅]- Create a party and run for president!

[✅]- Help expand a growing community!

[✅]- Become staff and help out!

[✅]- Become a prisoner!

[✅]- Help out with our fully working economy!

That and loads more! We will also be going through various updates in the future. Here are our current plans: 

V 1.5 - Immigration update, travel update

V 2.0 - advanced police update 

we're happy for anyone to join. Come down and grow the community, can't wait to see you there!